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Château de Malle.

Classed among historical monuments, Château de Malle, with its Italian garden is one of the historic castles included in the tour "Historical Wine castles in Bordeaux."

Château de Mall story begins when Jacques de Malle built the castle in the early 1600's.
The first tracks suggest that the wine were grown here are already in 1400's, and that the wine when general was produced in Sauternes, was dry and white. The oldest evidence of sweet white wine is from the vintage year 1666.


Château de Malle, got as majority of the castles in Sauternes, problems in the late 1800's, and not until 1950 was the renovation of the vineyard and buildings that were needed. It was Pierre de Bournacel which launched an extensive restoration to return the castle to its original condition.

Château de Malle produces today Sauternes wine from a vineyard of 28 hectares. The soil is composed of a mixture of gravel and mud, which has a plantation, spread over 69% Semillon, 28% Sauvignon and 3% Muscadelle. The berries are harvested in the traditional way, and fermentation carries out in oak barrel, of which 30% is new each year. The ageing in the barrel is in progress during 20 to 24 months.

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